Real Estate

Seal the deal with more efficient IT

Being a profitable real estate broker means working from anywhere in town. You need to be just as capable of conducting business in a model living room as you are at your desktop. PC Pro Group has a plan to make that a reality — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Company downtime is costly no matter what industry you work in, but it’s especially hard on the real estate industry. We prioritize network stability and mobility so you’re making sales calls instead of support calls.

Here’s how PC Pro Group can help your business:

  • icn_01setupSetup and maintenance of a stable, mobile IT infrastructure
  • icn_02backupBackup and recovery plans for all of your data
  • icn_03increasingIncreasing staff productivity vendor and software management
  • icn_04effectiveEffective security measures that protect data accessed from mobile devices and networks
  • icn_05roadmapManage a practical print program that puts quality, up-to-date brochures in your customer’s hands at a fraction of the cost of your current solution
  • icn_01predictableMove your site to a better location on the search results page to increase visibility and improve your reputation