Office 365

Your favorite productivity software — in the cloud

Microsoft Office is synonymous with business document creation and production. Over the years it has stood the test of time by constantly modernizing, and Office 365 is no different. By adopting a cloud-based platform, your team can collaborate on their work in real-time, regardless of the number, or location of editors.

Your level of productivity is no longer tied to your desktop or to juggling multiple versions of a document. Leave comments and suggestions on files from the taxi or the airport while co-workers do the same from the comfort of the office. There’s no need to save and send updated files; everything is securely stored in the cloud with a full history of revisions.

Office 365 solutions from PC Pro Group are:

  • onedrive OneDrive – As a one-stop cloud storage solution, your organization will enjoy a centralized repository for all your files — accessible from any web browser.
  • Exchange-Online Exchange Online – Outlook has maintained its status as an industry standard for decades. Exchange Online delivers all those familiar services over the internet while also eliminating the burden of local server maintenance.
  • SharePoint SharePoint – Functioning as the foundation of 365’s collaboration capabilities, SharePoint integrates into all your Office software for sharing, live-editing, and messaging between authors.
  • Skype-for-Business Skype for Business – Far more useful than its cost-free counterpart, Skype for Business puts enterprise-level VoIP, video conferencing, and instant-messaging services into the hands of your staff, thereby creating a customer-facing support system that puts you on par with industry leaders in your field.
  • Office-Suite Office Suite – What good would all these features be without Microsoft’s legendary suite of productivity software? PC Pro Group will provide you with all the applications necessary to keep your staff generating high-quality presentations, spreadsheets and documents.