We help industry leaders maintain their hold through technology

At PC Pro Group, we’re proud of what our clients have accomplished in their sectors. Our commitment to tailoring solutions specific to our customers means we’ve gained years of industry-specific knowledge. With that in mind, we’re prepared for whatever your particular industry can throw at us.

Different business models have different needs and goals. The same applies to different sectors. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the compliance of the legal industry or the mobility of the real estate industry — PC Pro Group has a recommendation for you.

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The construction industry is a juggling act of tight schedules, field management, and fierce competition. Even if you specialize in a certain field, the core requirements are the same: reliable and proficient service that earns your clients’ trust. We have all the tools you need to make that a walk in the park.

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Real Estate:

Your business takes place all over the map, so your IT should be able to follow you wherever you go. From mobile solutions to VoIP services, PC Pro Group knows what it takes to optimize your IT and keep you successful.

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The tightly scheduled workflows and step-by-step processes of the manufacturing industry require a special kind of technology. PC Pro Group provides a total package of simple industry IT solutions and end-to-end services that make sure maintenance and downtime are extremely rare occurrences.

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Companies operating in the technology industry have especially unique circumstances. They need to provide solutions while managing their own. PC Pro Group will handle the day-to-day challenges of your technology while you spend your time selling its benefits to your customers. We’re experts just like you. Let us offer a helping hand.

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Our combination of technological and industry expertise makes us one of the best in the business. Let us show you how to increase billable hours – and your bottom line. From document management systems to cloud-based accounting software, you’re one call away from unprecedented ROI.

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Law firms have a lot of data and a lot of security to worry about. But with the pressure of billable hours and client demands, it’s awfully hard to make time for technology. We’ll manage your network infrastructure so you can put that J.D. to good use instead of overexerting yourself troubleshooting IT settings.